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LOGLINE: After getting laid off from his job of over 35 years, Dandekar goes on a meaning-of-life journey, searching for his beloved '87 Volvo that was traded away by his well intentioned family. Along the way, he learns how to grieve what once was, and move forward.


SYNOPSIS: After getting laid off from his job of thirty years, 69-year-old RK Dandekar falls into a depression, sitting around his home eating too much, and driving around in his '89 Volvo. In an effort to cheer him up, his wife and kids buy him a fancy new car, trading away his old Volvo.
Devastated, Dandekar goes on a day-long journey to reclaim his beloved car. Along the way, he meets a quirky cast of characters who remind his of his own life's journey. Through his day-long quest, he comes to realize that he can’t relive the past, he can only move forward.


Selected for the Film Independent Screenwriter's Lab and Tribeca All Access, Days with Dandekar is a movie about  hope, family and re-defining one's sense of purpose when all seems lost. Written and directed by Leena Pendharkar, Produced by Jane Kelly Kosek, Pallavi Sastry and Keertana Sastry.

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We are a team of experienced filmmakers, having made feature films that have played in film festivals across the US and all over. Our work has been distributed in AMC Theaters, on Hulu, on HBO Max and many other platforms.



Supporters can make a tax deductible contribution toward Days with Dandekar, via our fiscal sponsorship with Film Collaborative. Click to donate.

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